There are two crucial elements to our focus on service – becoming a CapGen client and life as a CapGen client.

Becoming a CapGen client

Seamless onboarding

We make sure that the process of becoming a CapGen client is as straightforward as it can be. We’ll complete the majority of admin our side and only involve you in the process where absolutely necessary. Our team have been working with families and their advisers for years. We know that no two clients are the same, but also know the places where we can make life easier for you.

Designing your portfolio

Our investment team will spend time with you and your advisers to understand your return profile, risk aversion and more. They’ll then work with the wider investment team to begin constructing your portfolio.

Personal reporting

We’ll work with you to understand the figures that matter most and build our data sets to suit.

Every element covered

Making sure we cover every aspect of your portfolio. You’ll be able to see any datapoint you need, on a completely look-through basis. 

Clarity and transparency

We focus on giving you charts that paint the clearest picture rather than showing you the cleverest data.

As a CapGen client

Peace of mind

First and foremost, with CapGen you can rest assured that your family’s capital is being invested responsibly. Our job as investors is to offer three things; to avoid capital loss, to compound capital, and to do the right thing. For our clients, that means investing with the environmental and social challenges of the world firmly in mind. ESG investing always has, and always will sit at the heart of our investment strategy.

Investment partners

As a client, you have direct access to the investment team, senior team, and our wider network. We’re here to help you with any query – be it macroeconomic theory or how to invest in real estate.

Never standing still

We’ll produce and curate tailored thought pieces for you and your advisers, to keep you up to speed with the world’s events.