Portfolio management

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We help our clients find the very best investment opportunities, with a bespoke approach that’s built only for them. We’re often treated as an in-house investment office and we’re flexible enough to make sure we plug in to clients’ existing teams without overlapping. It’s our job to fit in with our clients. And whether we’re advising on investments or carrying them out as a discretionary partner, we have no sales agenda — our only interests are making sure each portfolio does what our clients ask of it.

No two portfolios are the same, but here are some of the principles we apply to all our investments.

Purposefully distinctive

We build portfolios that often look different to others in the marketplace. It’s a result of our unfettered, long term approach; investing in any asset class, in any region of the world, without bias.

Nimble and dynamic

The investment world doesn’t stand still, so neither should portfolios. We know that rigid structures and backward looking frameworks can lead to volatility and unnecessary risk, so we constantly assess and adjust portfolios to compound capital – steadily.

Built to last

The result of a bespoke portfolio and a dynamic approach to investing is a reassuringly steady, long term return. All our work is geared to making sure the process and results are as smooth as possible.