Responsible capital

What is Responsible Capital?

Responsible Capital is our wide-reaching response to the environmental and social challenges the world faces today. It influences the way we run our business and the way we support our clients.

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How do we think about Responsible Investing?

We are optimists; yes, the environmental and social challenges are vast, and rife with risk for those who don’t think carefully about capital allocation. But innovation to meet these challenges is already happening and it’s happening faster than traditional economic models can account for. We help our clients balance the risks, and the opportunities of a changing world, whether that’s through their multi asset portfolios, or as active investors in individual businesses that are helping to drive real, lasting change in the world. 

What does our Responsible Capital program include?

This isn’t about box ticking. We believe in rigour, debate and putting principles into action. We also understand that the issues we tackle as responsible investors are not always clear cut, so our approach to Responsible Capital is multifaceted. There are structural elements that are repeatable and reportable. But we combine these with more dynamic elements that give a formal home for discussion, debate and innovation.

Key elements


We are signatories of UNPRI


ESG is fully embedded into our investment proposition


Our Responsible Capital Committee is chaired by leading sustainability economist Dimitri Zenghelis