Appointment of Dimitri Zenghelis

1st December 2020, LONDON - Capital Generation Partners (CapGen) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dimitri Zenghelis, as Chairman of its Responsible Wealth Committee.

Responsible Wealth

This year CapGen launched the Responsible Wealth initiative; a broad-based strategy led by founding partner Charlotte Thorne, to ensure that CapGen is positioned to actively meet and manage the social and environmental challenges that the world faces today, through every facet of the business. The firm’s Responsible Wealth Committee is a key element of this initiative, providing a formal home for debate, discussion and innovation. The aim is to ensure that CapGen and its clients are kept at the cutting edge of research into the world of sustainable growth and development, so as to anticipate new risks and opportunities as technological, institutional and behavioural changes rapidly unfold.

So far in 2020, the team have been focused on the formalisation of CapGen’s existing responsible investment philosophy. To this effect, CapGen has become a signatory of the UN PRI, fully embedded ESG into its investment framework and had every member of the investment team sign up for the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing. In recognition of these developments, and CapGen’s commitment to Responsible Wealth, CapGen was named Sustainable Organisation of the Year at the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2020.

Dimitri Zenghelis

Dimitri Zenghelis set up the Wealth Economy Project at the Bennett Institute at the University of Cambridge and is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. He was until recently Head of Policy at the Grantham Research Institute at the LSE and Acting Chief Economist for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Previously, he headed the Stern Review Team at the Office of Climate Change, London, and was a lead author on the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change. Dimitri spent a decade at HM Treasury where he was Head of Economic Forecasting. He advises governments, financial institutions, and international organisations (including the UN, World Bank and regional development banks, the Mayor of London and the UK Committee on Climate Change among others) on economics, sustainable growth, climate transition and innovation.

Commenting on the appointment, Charlotte Thorne, founding partner at CapGen said:

“As allocators of family capital, we have three ultimate goals in mind; to compound capital, to avoid capital loss, and to do the right thing. Given the multitude of social and environmental challenges faced by the world today, this third tenet is a vital element of our work for clients. That is why I am thrilled to have Dimitri on board; he is a leading force in the movement towards a more sustainable future through growth and innovation; an approach that echoes our own values as both business owners, and allocators of capital. We firmly believe that economic growth, investment, and innovation are likely to be the key drivers of sustainability in the future, and as such, we have a responsibility to help our clients to deploy capital in a way that supports these efforts over time. Dimitri’s deep expertise will be an invaluable support to us and our clients, and I sincerely look forward to working with him.”

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